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2,222 Unique NFT Shiba Gangs

We know that many NFT collections come with big promises and big roadmaps, but that's not what we're talking about. We believe in being transparent and honest with our community.

Our goal is simply to deliver amazing artwork and build a strong and engaged community that can help us continue to develop the project with the power of holders.

By offering these NFTs for free, we are giving everyone the opportunity to participate in the excitement and potential of this project. We are confident that this project will be appreciated, so we are putting a lot of love and dedication into this collection.

Our Shiba NFTs are beautifully designed and capture the unique personalities of these adorable animals. We are excited to see them become part of the community.

So, join our community and come with us on this exciting journey, showing how important these animals are in our lives.

Our Goal

We do not have a roadmap with several features.

The objective of our roadmap is simply to deliver quality art, create a great community and deliver value to holders by valuing the collection, all very accessible for everyone to have the opportunity to participate in the project.

In addition, the creation of our community will be done through twitter initially, and later we can evaluate the construction of a community in other social networks.

Meet The Team

Entering The Shiba Gangs Community means joining an family full of people who believe in the future of Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology.

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Marketing, Community & Web3 Strategist

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Designer & Animated Artist

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Head of Collaboration

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Web Designer, Dev and Smart Contract

The Artist

For all art, we have one person responsible for all the time and love dedicated to getting this great art ready. We are proud to introduce artist NimaShiri, who has extensive experience in animated arts.

2,222 Shiba Gangs

Join a genuine community of 2,222 Shiba Gangs!



We put some of the main doubts of the community below, however, our team is available on Twitter to clarify additional doubts.

We plan to mint on May 7th (13:00 UTC). Any changes will be announced on Twitter.
We will be making NFTs available through FreeMint, with only 1 FreeMint per wallet.
All raffle will be done through Twitter, Premint and AlphaBot. We have also collaborated with several NFT projects to ensure a stronger community.
Participate in raffles on our Twitter and Premint. And be on the lookout for collaborations we're doing with big NFT projects.
We have only 2,222 NFTs.
We want to make sure we deliver amazing animated PFP artwork where the owner has the copyright to do whatever they want with the NFT. As a holder, you will also be able to take advantage of the appreciation of the NFT.